Handmade Guitar Effects


Three naked men

These effects are inspired by the three symbolic statues of Florence, Cradle of the Renaissance… and the effects Dophix.
David, Neptune and Perseus: Heroic figures, embodying the ideals of strength and courage.
It is these ideals that have prompted us to create our first trilogy of “heroic” effects: Three naked men.

Dante Trilogy

“The love that Moves the sun and the other stars”, with this verse Dante concludes the last song of the Divine Comedy. We wanted to start from this sentence to conceive the Dante trilogy.
They are the love and passion for this craft that have allowed us to give life to Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso. A sound staircase that takes us on a journey from the deep hell to reach the divine sensations of music.

Da Vinci Experience

With this trilogy we always remain in Tuscany. Leonardo da Vinci is considered one of the greatest geniuses of mankind. We could not but celebrate his inspiration with a collection of pedals dedicated to him: Leonardo, Gioconda and Uomo Vitruviano.
Da Vinci was one of the great creative minds of the Italian Renaissance. Invaluable art works came out his mind and hands. We also used our mind and hands to reproduce a sound experience worthy of his name. A frequency path full of charm, beauty and mystery.

By acquiring a DOPHIX® product you are sure you have something unique.

The authenticity of each effect is recognized by a unique code which classifies it within the belonging Trilogy and makes it possible to trace each strictly handmade processing step.

Each pedal is packaged by hand in the appropriate box to ensure maximum control over your product.

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