Michelangelo Overdrive PLUSmakes your sound a piece of art

Carve an amazing variety of sounds witha unique overdrive/boost combo

Are you looking for an effect that gives you something more?


Reviewed as one of the 6 best pedals of the Summer NAMM 2019 according to Guitar.comIn addition, Michelangelo has been promoted with flying colors by international newspapers

Michelangelo is that PLUS something to always have on your pedalboard

One single effect, completely handmade, that will give you everything that your sound was waiting for: pre-amplification, output boost, equalization and blend of clear/distorted sound, + 3 different distortion clipping.

The extreme adaptability to various types of sounds and genres will let you express yourself to your full potential with a refined sound, rich in shades and details.

It lets your sound adapt to different types of guitars, without losing your own sound or your instrument’s.

Michelangelo gives you an elegant sound experience, not aggressive but able to assert itself even in the toughest of contexts. Perfect for blues, passing from pop and rock.

3 different diodes for distortion; Germanium, Silicon and J-Fet3

Double switch to control both drive and boost/pre-amplifier

Blend controller to adjust distorted sound and input sound

Unique sound in the overdrive scene, extremely dynamic and flexible

Here's what Michelangelo gives you:

You’ve got an immediate response from your sound

You feel every single vibration from your guitar’s chords on the skin of your fingers

Keep your unique musicality

Michelangelo is loyal to your sound and your hand whilst giving you a unique sound creation.

Get great flexibility

The three different overdrive clippings let Michelangelo adapt to various setups by changing compression levels.

Perfect if you look for elegance

This overdrive plus adapts to many different styles, but it gives its best with soft sounds, therefore it is not the most suitable for heavy metal distortions.

Highest satisfaction for the more expert guitarists

The dynamicity of Michelangelo allows for a vast usage, but if you’re a great musician you’ll really get to exploit the full potential of this effect and get a sound never tried before.

You’ve got an effect unique in the world

When you order, we begin building your Michelangelo. Every pedal is completely handmade in our Florentine workshop. It takes 30 days of work until you can finally have this product in your hands. A serial number will show the unicity of your overdrive plus.

Do you want to make your sound special?

Discover Michelangelo Overdrive PLUS’s secrets and revolutionize your sound.Leave here your name and your email address to receive special contents for free that will help you understand if Michelangelo is exactly what you are looking for.

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