Right of withdrawal, terms and conditions
The consumer who for any reason is not satisfied with the purchase made has the right to withdraw from the contract, without any penalty and without specifying the reason no later than 7 working days after receipt of the product (only For Italy). The customer must give notice by sending a registered letter with notice of receipt, specifying all the data of the sale: sender, N. Fatt. N. Order, N. Receipt to Dophix registered office. The goods purchased, intact and still packaged in their original packaging, complete with any manuals and without any lack, must be returned to the sender no later than 7 days after their receipt (only for Italy), Specifying on the parcel the wording “Subject: Recess, Ord. N., Fatt. N., sender “. The costs of restitution, including the transport of the goods, will be entirely borne by the customer, who assumes this responsibility, will not be compensated by Dophix in case of any loss and/or Perimenti. Dophix will issue a credit memo of the full amount paid by the customer, deducted from the shipping and forward expenses, only as a result of the receipt of the goods. If the purchase has benefited from the free shipping, the credit memo will deduct the cost of the shipment incurred by the seller (minimum €9.00 with prepayment or €14.00 in the mark). Within 30 days The credit memo will be refunded in the event that the customer decides to take advantage of it to purchase another product. Over 30 days the full amount will be returned.
Prohibition of withdrawal
The right of withdrawal is less for those who purchase the products on sale at the site for purposes related to their work, and with the issue of invoice by the supplier. In Addition, the purchase of goods made to measure, personalized and/or which by their nature cannot be sent back and/or are likely to deteriorate or quickly alter, involves foreclosure in order to the right of withdrawal.
Putting in stock for non-deliverable goods
The costs of stock equal to €15.00 + VAT and related to the non-withdrawal of the products purchased will be entirely borne by the purchaser, to nothing noting the reasons and justifications that caused the non-withdrawal.