DOPHIX® has been on the market since 2015, under the name Dolphin, with a HAND MADE guitar effects line.

The brand has grown over the years, reaching the most important trade fairs in the U.S.A. This great maturation has been marked with an evolution in the name of the brand, giving life to DOPHIX®.

Our sound research is manic. Music must express emotions!

Therefore we aim to recreate a “warm” sound, which goes back in time, rediscovering and enhancing the sounds of the 70s.

The charm of the sound is also perceived on the aesthetics.

The beauty of the products lies in the handmade, in the point-to-point welding care.

The effects line is characterized bythe robust box structure, the potentiometers, the switch.

From the graphical point of view we are recognizable for the “trilogies”. Our products are grouped into triads: “Three naked men”, “Dante trilogy”, “Da Vinci experience”.

Behind every collection we try to bring back our Tuscan roots, which are stolen and redesigned by Italian artists.

The DOPHIX® effects are extremely silent, excluding any background noise.

A distinctive element of our production, common to all intents and purposes is the presence of an LED at the base. Not only beautiful to see, but also useful to give more visibility to the musician on stage.

The current effects range consists of: overdrive, fuzz, distortion, boost, compressor, booster, tremolo, chorus / phaser, blender. The range is booming both as a type of sound modulation and as a search for materials.

DOPHIX® produces high quality products according to the universally known philosophy of “MADE IN ITALY”, from the very concept of the initial idea to achieving the refined refinement that distinguishes our effects.

DOPHIX® is present in the world’s most important trade fairs.