The pulsating mind of DOPHIX® … has been called “the beautiful mind”. His great passion for music and technical experience make the sound of each pedal unique.
Knowing him, you understand why the pedal makes a huge impact on the stage. He puts so much effort to details and perfection in any project.

  • Favourite Artist: David Gilmour, Pink Floyd
  • Three words to describe the DOPHIX® effects: Quality, Consistency and Reliability
  • The most beautiful thing about this profession: Combining the rigors of engineering with the emotion of music
  • Music genre best represents you: Rock, Blues

I worked a lot on my first homemade effect: I was only 15 but I already had my own work bench. I loved and enjoyed creating various types of circuits, from amplifiers to effects.

Like many, I’ve always been looking for an authentic effect for the sound of my guitar. I can’t stand it when a pedal loses even one of the vibrations that come from the instrument up to the amplifier, which often happens with the common pedal effects.

99% of guitar effects sound exactly the same and this made me realize that a quality product was missing on the market. My engineering background has led me to put Meticulous Attention into every detail, to create an outstanding product that goes beyond the standards and can create a unique sound for every musician.

I understand that the sound of a pedal is satisfying, feeling the result with the ears and the belly.

Don’t you just love that warm fuzzy feeling you get in your stomach listening to a song you Love?

Here it is, I know I’ve created the perfect effect when I feel exactly that same thing.


An explosion of ideas with contagious positivity. If you already know him, you understand why at Dophix® he gives his best in the commercial field. His energy makes everything possible, even delivering a perfect pedal to you door!

  • Favourite Artist: The Edge, U2
  • Three words to describe the DOPHIX® effects: Uniqueness, Quality, Creativity
  • The most beautiful thing about this profession: Turning my biggest passion into a job and staying in direct contact with musicians
  • Music genre best represents you: Alternative Rock

The demon of music took possession of my body in the ’80s, decade in which I began my experience as a guitarist in several Florentine bands. The musical emotions I felt during that period are the same ones I still search for today.
This is precisely what led me to know and trade effects. I wanted other musicians to experience real emotions through the sound of their own guitar. How could this be done? By finding the most suitable effects that would give life to the sound they were looking for.

I spent years discovering and importing from all over the world different types of effects created by the most disparate people : hobbyists, structured societies, misunderstood geniuses and even cheaters (because, believe me there are those too J). But that was not enough, had not yet found the pedal that fully satisfied my expectations.

I felt I had to create my own project: produce sought-after guitar effects, totally designed and made by hand. My dream came to life when I met Stefano. Immediately, a perfect synergy was created, giving the spark to the evolution of a winning idea.


Deeply devoted to research and care of the image, she is the feminine and attentive heart of the group Everything that surrounds a DOPHIX® pedal passes through her hands and under her supervision, because the attention to detail is not only heard but seen. As they say … behind a great effect there is always a great woman!

  • Favourit artist: The Edge, U2
  • Three words to describe the DOPHIX® effects: Craftsmanship, Versatility, Heat.
  • The most beautiful thing about this profession: Be overwhelmed by the emotion of the sounds
  • Music genre best represents you: Rock

What I am about to tell you might amaze you. I don’t play any instrument and I don’t sing.

It seems strange, doesn’t it? However, I think this is precisely what allows me to contribute to the development of the DOPHIX® brand.

I take part in the creation of each effect going beyond the sound it creates. Each DOPHIX® pedal belongs to a trilogy that tells a story, brings us straight in a narrative path, as well as sound. This is the distinctive element of our products.

A pedal has its own personality and is not just a simple technical device.

The David, for example, embodies the heroic personality of the character who bears his own name. My job is to have these stories stand out through graphics, images and other tools of communication. he first visual impact is the key to communicate the character of the sound for each effect.

I follow the musicians during their concerts. I’m excited to hear the music they create thanks to our effects. Every time is a different sound experience. It fills me with pride to know that they are happy to share the stage with the DOPHIX® trilogies, to bring the public into a sea storm with Neptune or to descend into the hell of rock.