Medici is an innovative fuzz pedal that let you adjust the distortion on a multitude of combinations and mix it with the input signal.

Medici has a FUZZ stage, a MORE FUZZ stage and a mixer that you can activate independently.

The Medici fuzz stage provides standard level, tone and gain controls. The output fuzz level is set with the MASTER knob.
FUZZ knob sets the fuzz stage gain and TONE knob models the fuzz frequency response shape.

Medici also have a MORE FUZZ stage that adds to the fuzz stage a tone shaped preamplifier so that the input of the fuzz is boosted, resulting on a high gain fuzz.

The MORE FUZZ preamplifier can be activated either by itself or as a combination of the fuzz stage by turning on both FUZZ ME ON and MORE FUZZ foot-switches.

Acting on the MORE LEVEL knob the volume of the preamplifier is adjusted and the MORE FUZZ knob sets the gain of the preamplification.

Finally the BLEND regulation is the control of the mixer of the fuzz stage with the input jack signal. BLEND let you linearly control the quantity of Medici fuzz effect with the input signal by combining it.

EAN code: 8053839780188


Weight0.441 kg
Dimensions12 × 9 × 4 cm

Jack input/output da 6.3 mm 1/4" posti lateralmente al pedale


True Bypass

Battery replacement

La sostituzione della batteria 9v è possibile attraverso la rimozione delle quattro viti poste sul coperchio inferiore.


ingresso 1 Mohm, uscita 300 ohm.


Corrente con led acceso 19mA, standby 500 uA

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